Mixed-Up Maths Goes Live

Nov 12, 2014

Mixed-Up Maths, the series we created and produced for ABC Splash, has just gone live. Join our intrepid host, Ed, as he finds himself in all types of situations where only his knowledge of Maths can help him. From saving the planet from Aliens, to creating a superhero that can stop a strawberry milkshake tidal wave. From searching for buried treasure, to jumping like a daredevil, or planning the greatest circus party ever … learning Maths has never been so much fun! Find it here.

Script 1C

Script 1D

Script 2F

Script 3B

Script 5A

Script 5D

Script 6B

Script 7C

Script 8A

Script 8G

Script 9A

Script 9B

Script 9E

Script 10D

Script 12A