Heroes, Villains and Ratbags


What happened when Bob Hawke locked horns with Frank Sinatra? When Lionel Rose met Elvis? And when Enrico Caruso slipped a hot Italian sausage into Nellie Melba‚Äôs captive palm? Presented with humour and verve, Australian Encounters celebrates ten historic meetings, each between a renowned Australian and an international mover and shaker. It’s memorable, informative and astonishing.

Wonderfully narrated by Geoffrey Rush, and based on the much loved Encounters column created by Shane Maloney and Chris Grosz, the series first screened on ABC1 in 2013.

The DVD, featuring bonus interviews with Shane and Chris, is now available at Readings bookstores, ABC Shops and at The Australian Encounters website. Or else you can buy the dvd, rent or download the series, or purchase brilliant Chris Grosz posters right here.

The series is written, produced and directed by Duncan Imberger and Josh Moore of Melbourne based production company Suitcase Murphy. Remarkably, all ten episodes were entirely hand drawn by Chris Grosz, the old-fashioned way, using pens and watercolours. The beautiful, layered, and dynamic animation is the work of director Stephen Watkins and acclaimed animation house, XYZ Studios.

Listen to Shane Maloney on ABC 774’s Conversation Hour, talking about the column, the show and (begrudgingly) his age!

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